March’s Disney Memories

For the month of March, I’ve revisited memories from my Walt Disney World vacations, giving some extra love to the photos.

March 1st

First on the list: “The Sorcerer’s Hat” at Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios, captured back in 2007 with my Canon Sure Shot.

March 2nd

Forget the usual front view, I’m all about that unique angle!

March 3rd

March’s third memory: Chandeliers swaying in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. 

March 4th

The entrance to Tomorrowland within the Magic Kingdom with a grayscale vintage edit.

March 5th

The 5th entry in the month of Disney memories is a night time view of the Bowling Pin Pool within the Pop Century Resort.

March 6th

The sixth Disney memory from March is a view of Tomorrowland from The People Mover in The Magic Kingdom.

March 7th

For March 7th’s Disney memory, I’d just like to warn everybody about the Yeti.

March 8th

March 8th’s memory makes me wonder if these guys are the reason Downtown Disney is always so clean.

March 9th

The March 9th memory is submitted for your approval. It’s an evil tower, you are doomed.

March 10th

10th’s memory: Stitch overlooking the shoppers entering The World of Disney Store in Disney Springs (Downtown Disney when the photo was taken).

March 11th

Lego Dragon - Downtown Disney
Lego Dragon – Downtown Disney

Who wouldn’t love to remember this guy creating you outside the Lego Store at Disney Springs (Downtown Disney)

March 12th

The sun setting over the entrance to the Animal Kingdom.

March 13th

Cinderella's Moat
Cinderella’s Moat

Here’s a shot of Cinderella’s Castle moat for the 13th! Often overlooked, but every detail at the Magic Kingdom is worth appreciating.

March 14th

The Great Movie Ride
The Great Movie Ride

The 14th’s memory: The Great Movie Ride in Disney Studios, on a stormy afternoon.

March 15

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

The Tree of Life, Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom, from a 2004 trip.

March 16th

Madame Leota's Tombstone
Madame Leota’s Tombstone

The 16th memory is kinda creepy. Viewer discretion advised. Madame Leota’s tombstone outside of The Haunted Mansion within The Magic Kingdom.

March 17th

Entrance to the Pop Century Resort
Entrance to the Pop Century Resort

For the 17th Disney memory: circa 2007 I couldn’t think of a more welcoming sight than the entrance to The Pop Century Resort.

March 18th

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

For the 18th memory: The Hollywood Hotel flaunts it’s ominous presence over Disney Studio’s sunset strip.

March 19th

Cinderella's Friends
Cinderella’s Friends

The 19th memory: If you look carefully you can find some of Cinderella’s friends in her castle.

March 20th

Spaceship Earth from Afar
Spaceship Earth from Afar

Memory 20: Spaceship Earth from a distance.

March 21st

Waterfall at the Tiki Room
Waterfall at the Tiki Room

Memory 21: The Waterfall found in the queue for The Enchanted Tiki Room at The Magic Kingdom, 2004.

March 22nd

Polynesian Fountain
Polynesian Fountain

The 22nd’s memory is the second floor view of the fountain in the lobby of the Polynesian Resort.

March 23rd

Chinese Artwork
Chinese Artwork

The 23rd memory is one found off the main path within Epcot’s China Pavilion.

March 24th

Cinderella's Castle through the Garden
Cinderella’s Castle through the Garden

For the 24th memory, enjoy a view of Cinderella’s Castle through the garden.

March 25th

Reversed Waterfall
Reversed Waterfall

For the 25th memory, it’s Epcot’s reverse waterfall outside of the imagination pavilion. From my 2007 trip.

March 26th

Swan Fountain at the Swan Hotel
Swan Fountain at the Swan Hotel

The 26th memory digs deep. It’s a photoscan from a 1994 trip of the lobby’s fountain within the Dolphin resort.

March 27th


Memory Number 27:During one of my 2007 vacations, I was fortunate enough to meet the occupant of Cinderella’s Castle.

March 28th


Tomorrowland across the river.

March 29th

Briar Rabbit
Briar Rabbit

Briar Rabbit keeps an ever vigilant watch for Briar Fox and Briar Bear at Splash Mountain.

March 30th

Spaceship Earth peering over the tree tops at Epcot.

March 31st

Spaceship Earth with the Magic Wand
Spaceship Earth with the Magic Wand

March 31stFor my 31st and final memory in this series, I’m going to take somewhat of an iconoclast opinion in Disney circles: I enjoyed the magic wand next to Spaceship Earth for the year 2000 celebration.

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