Great Escape Fright Fest 2023

I had the opportunity to attend Great Escape’s Fright Fest twice this year and I really enjoyed myself. Here are the photos that were snapped on my travels.

The spooky stuff was on full display and I think they did a good job setting the mood:

My son Chase wanted a photo of him in the fog. I think he makes a pretty scary ghoul:

Chase in the Mist
Chase in the Mist

My daughter claims that I “did her dirty” in this photo, but I can help it. I think it’s a great shot of her walking through The Haunted Manor:

Morgan makes her way through skull manor.
Morgan makes her way through skull manor.

The park has the Raging River shut down and they were in the process of dismantling the Alpine Bobsled which I thought made some compelling photos:

The sky was so beautiful that day, I had to grab a few photos of it framing the rides:

Finally, I couldn’t help but grab a video of the waterfall in Ghost Town. I’ve always been obsessed with this thing, even as a young boy. They dyed it red for the festivities:

Ghost Town Falls

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