Top Ten Favorite Photos of 2023

2023 was the year of the camera for me. I’ve always loved snapping photos and capturing little memories, but this past year I decided to revive my old hobby and take it to a new level.

With some investment in time and equipment, I took photos of everything this year. Well over 2,000 photos in fact – most of them not very good.

However I am proud of many of them and of that lot I’ve chosen 10 that are my personal favorite.

1. Creek & Cairn

My favorite shot of the year is also the photo I’ve received the most positive feedback from. (I’m sure it’s a coincidence.) This little water fall, found in the Plotters Kill Preserve, flowing down next to the Cairn was very peaceful, and the few leaves hanging on through the cool autumn morning framed it perfectly.

2. Rockin’ Dave Ghrol

Rocking Dave Ghrol
Rocking Dave Ghrol

To date I received one of the best compliments for this image I’ve ever gotten. People thought I stole it from an “official” Foo Fighters source. Nay nay. This photo was shot when Lady and I got really close to the Foo Fighters Boston Calling performance. Dave Ghrol is the man, and I think my photo captures that.

3. Lady at The Beach

Lady on the Beach

The ocean? Beautiful. My lady? Beautiful. This photo is beauty squared. It’s also one of the first photos with which I took advantage of Google Photo’s Cinematic Photo feature. I love how it came out.

4. Deep Woods

Taken during a hike through the Kaaterskill Wilds, this shot of the Deep Woods is a favorite. Everytime I look at it, I feel the call of the wild to get back out into the forest.

5. Don’t Blink!

Don’t Blink! is the first toy shot that I did where I tried absolute control the lighting source by setting up a dark room in my garage. Again, I received very high compliments: upon showing off this image, some people didn’t believe I was the photographer.

6. Lake George from a Distance

A simple shot of the Mini Ha-Ha and the main Lake George strip taken from the top of Prospect Mountain. This is a shot I really wanted to recreate with the fall foliage, but I never made back before the leaves fell. Nonetheless, I think this shot is pretty great and is the first photo I was proud enough to enter into a competition. (It didn’t win, but receive a respectable amount of positive feedback.

7. Morgan & Chair

I couldn’t think of a better name. Anyway, until this past winter, my photos consisted exclusively of places and things. I hadn’t really thought to add people to the mix until my step daughter, Morgan, was good of enough sport to do some posing for me dressed up for her winter formal. (Morgan’s Winter Formal Photoshoot) This was my first time using lighting and poses in an attempt to glam up an individual. I like this one especially because of the soft lighting complimenting her dress.

8. Greased Lightning

Greased Lightning
Greased Lightning

Taken during our trip to The Great Escape’s Fright Fest, this image of the Greased Lightning ride rocks. I can’t take full credit because God was doing some awesome things with the sky that afternoon, but even so it’s beautiful and Six Flags should contact me about doing some promotional free lance work for them.

9. Meadow & Flowers

I had originally adventured to Rensselaerville Falls to take pictures of the waterfall. Walking some of the trails I happened upon a medic of undisturbed grass and wild flowers. Too beautiful of a scene not to pass up.

Sharing Is Caring

Chloe and Larry share a favorite stick
Sharing is Caring

Finally, I could let a year go by without favoritism towards these two creatures that live with me in my house. Normally these two are pretty camera shy, but when distracted with a delicious stick they tend to let their guard down some.


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